The Story

Young Giant develops 'Institutions of the Future' through the power of young people.

Millennials and Gen Z are demanding more as a workforce, as consumers, as citizens. They know what they want, how they want it and they won't compromise to get it. They are the biggest consumer group in history, they make or break culture, they are tastemakers and are natural innovators refusing to accept the 'way things are'.

This is an incredible opportunity.

But it's also a challenge.

Brands and institutions need to stay relevant, to build authentic relationships and to gather legitimate insight. Society is a big place stuffed full of ideas and talent. Our work with young people everyday has given us unprecedented insight into their challenges, beliefs and needs. It's also given us a chance to build a whole community of brilliant, free-thinking, creative young people who can change the world with their ideas. 

We believe that future-facing companies need to embrace this potential now to design services, products and jobs that helps their business to grow AND that positively impacts the life of young people.

We call these brands 'Institutions of the Future'. Can you afford not to be one?



“Behaviours change culture, not the other way around. The spread of behaviours is the real source of social change. Behavioural imitation explains how change happens, how epidemics of ideas are formed, how social fashions appear and how company cultures shape and reshape themselves.” - Viral Change.