We bring brands and young people together to  build better relationships, communities & ideas.


We make this happen through our five key strands of work:



Platforming young talent to organisations and platforming organisations to young people.


Young people taking ownership of narratives that concern them and brands giving young people spaces for young people to do so.


Brands helping to develop talent with us, by equipping young people with skills for the future.


Creating experiences and events that connect young people to brands so that both can understand and appreciate each others’ experience and perspective.


Young people influencing a brand’s strategy, with us acting as intermediaries between their thoughts and your strategies & policies. Young people get a seat at the table and organisations move forward.

What can we offer brands:

  • Access to millennial and Gen Z ideas, communities and culture by connecting you directly to young people.

  • Co-create new ideas, concepts, services and products to increase innovation.

  • Build engagement and communications strategies by working with the young people you want to reach.

  • Gain insight into, understand and build relationships with millennials and Gen Z to keep ahead of the trends in youth culture.

  • Tailor made packages to meet your business needs and requirements.

What can we offer young people:

  • Bring big ideas to life and influence the way companies think

  • Paid opportunities to get experience working within industry and with big brands

  • Training and support to develop skills, confidence and networks

  • Meet and work with other incredible young creatives

  • Influence youth culture